Über Nekane

Aktuelle Pressemitteilung vom 24. Mai 2019

Nekane Txapartegi (Miren Nekane Txapartegi Nieves) is held in detention in the canton of Zurich waiting for a possible extradition to Spain. She was a municipal councilor in the Basque town of Asteasu and fled Spain in 2007 because

  • she had been kidnapped by the Spanish paramilitary police forces, the Guardia Civil, in 1999 and had been subjected to isolation (a full communication ban) for five days without having been allowed to contact a lawyer, a doctor of her choice or her family.
  • she had been brutally tortured and sexually abused by the Spanish police.
  • she had been forced to sign a fake confession.
  • she had been sentenced to six years and nine months in prison in a mass trial in 2007 on the grounds of the fake confession under torture. She swore to never return to her tormentors.

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has already convicted Spain eight times for not investigating torture complaints and not charging the responsible people. The last conviction was in May 2016.

The extradition of Nekane to the Spanish legal authorities violates the UN Convention against Torture that Switzerland has ratified!

Why Switerzland must not extradite Nekane

Nekane’s asylum application

It is of utmost importance to prevent Nekane’s extradition! No extraditions to the Spanish torture state!

Contact: freenekane@immerda.ch

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