(English) Nekane: „We stopped the political persecution!“

In Asteasu with the demand “Basque prisoners and refugees back home”

I am currently in the Basque Country with my daughter. The international arrest warrant and the extradition request against me have been repealed. After 15 years of being on the run I was able to embrace my sick mother and my siblings, my loved ones and friends. This was made possible through our common struggle! I survived arrests, abduction, sexualised torture, rape, political court trials, flight, illegality and prison. Through all of this I have persisted with you, thanks to your support and solidarity!

It was about time to put a stop to the political persecution and to the difficulties we had to endure. Throughout all these years of our common struggle we have built the conditions for a legal solution. The special court Audiencia Nacional dropped all charges against me, with the exception of the possession of two fake documents of identification.

Now, I am able to move freely. I spent almost a third of my life on the run. Flight is a disruption, a one-way ticket. I knew that it could take a long time, or that I may never return. But I always had trust in the movement and the solidarity of the people, and I knew that this return would eventually depend on the struggle we are fighting. Even in exile I have found a place, and this has made my flight easier.

Now we have a success to celebrate. I will be back in Zurich in May and share the beautiful experiences of solidarity, of love and of struggle with you. We will keep pursuing our goals – until all are free!