8. Juni: Demo: Nekane – eine von uns!

8. Juni 2019, 17:30 Uhr, Limmatplatz

Eineinhalb Jahre nach ihrer Freilassung drohen die spanischen Behörden mit einem neuen Haftbefehl gegen Nekane. Wir werden es nicht zulassen, dass eine von uns an einen Folterstaat ausgeliefert wird! Gehen wir gemeinsam auf die Strasse gegen die erneute politische Verfolgung von Nekane, gegen die Kollaboration des Schweizer Staates, gegen patriarchale Gewalt und Sexismus!

Veranstaltung auf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/848823018814583/
Medienmitteilung des Free Nekane-Bündnisses: bit.ly/2Wn6fTO
Telegram Channel: t.me/freenekane
Medienkontakt: freenekane.medien@gmail.com

Nekane spricht an zwei Veranstaltungen am 5. und 13. Juni

5. Juni im Rahmen von Cafe Canibal: Frauen als Ziel der staatlichen Repression
20 Uhr im RAF_im Kochareal, Flüelastrasse 54, 8004 Zürich


Facebook: facebook.com/events/471617180311130

13. Juni am Abend vor dem Frauenstreik: Die Zukunft der Rebellion 
18 Uhr in der Citykirche Offener St. Jakob, Stauffacherstrasse 8, 8004 Zürich

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Weeks of Action: Free Nekane!

Nekane Txapartegi is a Basque revolutionary feminist, activist and journalist. After years of living in illegality she was arrested in Zürich on 6.4.2016. The reason for her arrest is a Spanish appeal for extradition. She is imprisoned in Zürich since then.

Before she fled the Basque country, she was kidnapped by the Spanish paramilitary police Guardia Civil in 1999. She had to endure the „Incomunicado“ imprisonment for five days without any contact to lawyers, doctors or her relatives. She was heavily tortured and raped during these days. They forced a fake confession out of her with beatings, kicks, a fake execution and rape. Because of this confession which was obtained by torture, Nekane was sentenced to years in prison in a mass trial against the Basque left because of „support of a terrorist association“. She fled into illegality to evade the Spanish class justice. The henchmen of the Spanish state followed her to Zürich where she was arrested in the spring of last year by the Swiss police who cooperated with Spain.

Parallel to the trial regarding her extradition there is also a trial regarding political asylum. But the public authorities of the first instance decided for extradition and against asylum despite proven torture. Last month, another judicial instance decided in favor of an extradition to Spain, citing the „democratic tradition“ of Spain.

Since Nekane‘s arrest, a broad campaign of solidarity formed in Switzerland. Solidarity is more important than ever after this negative judicial decision and a decisive response is necessary! That is why we call for days of action for the freedom of Nekane from the 15. to the 30. September. There will be all kinds of actions, meetings, etc. in Swiss cities. The days of action will end on the 30. September with a demonstration in Zürich.

Participate in the days of action for the freedom of Nekane!

Free Nekane and all political prisoners!